Roof Aging vs. Roof Damage: What’s the Difference

There is a common yet persistent misunderstanding about roof age vs. roof damage. Like real humans, our roofs experience aging, wear and tear, and damage from the elements. Additionally, their respective effects are often misinterpreted. Therefore, an in-depth discussion of the construction, function, and maintenance of roofs and their materials is helpful to avoid confusion […]

A Guide to Creating a Siding Project Budget

The siding project budget you create will be the guiding force for your entire project. If your siding project budget isn’t created correctly, your entire project can fail from the start. The key is to create specific line items and then follow through as you implement it. Think of this siding project budget as a […]

When Does a Roof Repair Become a Replacement?

When does a roof repair become a replacement? If a roof is causing problems, what kind of repairs should be done? Is it better to repair or replace the entire roof? If so, at what point? By making sure you know the signs of when your roof repair needs to become a replacement job, you […]

Debunking Common Window Replacement Myths

When discussing with homeowners the benefits of investing in new windows, myths and misconceptions can get in the way. By debunking some of these common window replacement myths, you could make it easier to understand why glass is so important to your home and how it can save you money in the long run. Windows […]

What To Do If Your Roof Has Been Installed Improperly

Your roof is an essential component of your home since it protects you from external elements, keeps your family safe, and provides insulation. Our team at HERO exteriors in Northern Colorado takes pride in offering you professional roof replacement or repair services. We have a team of expert roofers who offer exceptional services, but we […]

5 Reasons Why Repainting Your Home’s Exterior is Worthwhile

Are you thinking of painting your home’s exterior? It’s an exciting and easy home improvement project that will give you peace of mind and make your home comfortable. Painting your home’s exterior can be tedious, but it’s a worthy investment. It improves your curb appeal and can have a significant return on investment even if […]

Tips on Stopping Roof Leakage and When to Schedule For Repairs


As a homeowner, it’s important that you’re taking any issues with your roof seriously. Roof leaks are likely to become worse over time. There are some situations that could necessitate a complete replacement. This would have been avoided with a proactive approach to repairs and maintenance. Since roofing repairs are highly intricate,  the best solution […]

Finding Affordable Roofing

affordable roofing

When winter approaches, every homeowner panics and starts thinking of replacing, repairing, or redesigning their roofs to meet the approaching bad weather.  Colorado is a beautiful country suited to the mountain regions. Over and above, its surroundings are filled with natural phenomenons like mountains, plains, canyons, rivers, and plateaus. Because Colorado is located in such […]

Dealing with Hail Damage in Fort Collins

At the end of a hailstorm or a stormy season, homeowners are urged to consider the effects of the adverse weather on the structural aspects of their house and particularly the roof. The roof as the protective layer of the house takes most of the brunt of a storm. In areas where the weather is […]

5 Tips on How to Protect Your Roof During Winter

Winter is here with us, and if you reside in Colorado, you are aware of the implications of winter on your residential property or commercial property. Snowstorms can cause significant devastation on roofs, and that’s why it is crucial to seek professional help from a roofing company in Fort Collins. If you believe you are […]