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Gutters may not be the most exciting feature of a home, but they are certainly one of the most important. Gutters serve as a route to redirect water away from your home, protecting not only your home’s foundation but also preventing water damage and leaks to the interior of your home. Don’t wait until there is a problem to think about your gutters. HERO exteriors is here for all your gutter installation and repair needs. Call us today to get a project estimate.

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We offer several different kinds of gutters from seamless aluminum to copper that will keep your home protected in all Colorado weather conditions, while being aesthetically pleasing as well. Maybe it’s time to get excited about gutters! Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate with one of our Fort Collins gutter specialists today! You can trust our gutter installation and repair services.

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We use nothing but the best materials from trusted brands, and under no circumstances do we cut corners or sacrifice the quality of our work.

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Why Are Gutters Important?

Gutters keep rainfall from damaging your home’s interiors and exteriors. Moisture is the enemy of all houses and finished buildings; it can do significant damage and even pose health problems. Without properly functioning gutters, you leave your home exposed to these dangers.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Gutters?

Gutters are your home’s unsung hero. If high-quality gutters are working well, you won’t notice them at all. But even well-maintained gutters have to be replaced at some point. Check for these signs that you might need to replace your gutters:

  • Cracks: Obviously, gutters with cracks in them are pretty useless. Small cracks can be hard to see unless you get up close, so make sure you check carefully. One crack can be repaired but a lot of cracking may mean you need new gutters.
  • Seams: Seams connect two horizontal sections of your gutters, and are more likely to have leaks and separations. If you notice stress on your gutter seams, you might consider replacing all of your gutters, rather than just the seams. Seamless gutters can help prevent these kinds of problems too.
  • Peeling paint: When gutters malfunction, they allow too much moisture into the exterior or interior of your house. If you notice peeling paint on your exterior siding, the nearest gutter might have a leak. Peeling paint in multiple areas means you may need a full gutter replacement, rather than repair.
  • Broken fasteners: The fasteners hold your gutter to the roof and keep it level. You can fix a few fasteners if they come loose, but if the problem keeps happening, it may require a gutter replacement.
  • Pooling water: If water starts pooling in your gutters instead of draining, you may be able to fix the problem. If it happens often, it might be time for new gutters.
  • Rot: Similar to peeling paint, wood elements on your home’s exteriors can rot if gutters allow too much moisture to get through. If you notice water-damaged window sills, door jambs, and drywall, then your gutters aren’t working properly and it’s time for new ones.
  • Mildew in the basement: Downspouts are supposed to end about six feet away from the house, to prevent moisture from coming too close to the foundation. If the downspout isn’t working properly, you might notice mildew in a formerly dry underground room.

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