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HERO exteriors is an outside home preservation business providing experienced roofing services around Windsor. We utilize only recognized high-quality roofing products because we want the best for our customers. Our services serve a wide assortment of requests for your home’s roof, and we can guide you on the finest roofing supplies for your house.

A professional local Roofing Company in Windsor

What precisely can roofing contractors achieve for your home? Most homeowners think that we are able to handle anything and everything associated with roofing. But what does “anything and everything” normally include? A skilled roofer will be able to specify a variety of services related to your home roof.

At HERO exteriors, our roofing services comprise of a wide array of problems that Windsor homes may encounter. When you have roof issues, or it’s been a while since your last roof inspection, give HERO exteriors a call.

Our Quality Brands

Windsor Roof Repair

Although your usual roof could last between 20-30 years, you may desire occasional repairs as it ages. The Northern Colorado seasons can take a toll on your shingles, necessitating a handful to be repaired. Whether you want some slight repairs or a full roof replacement might be up to your roofing contractor. You probably should contact a roofing company for an examination at least once every year.

Windsor Roof replacement

If your roof has reached the expiration of its lifespan, then you’ll want a new one. Over the course of time, your roof erodes and won’t be able to protect your home’s foundation as it should. As soon as it gets old enough, you’ll need to switch out your roof altogether. As you need a state-of-the-art roof, you should get a hold of a licensed, professional contractor to get the job done.

Windsor Roof installation

As you could guess, installing a new roof isn’t as simple as it could seem. Your roofing company or contractor might have a great deal to examine before starting, like how best to care for your home during repairs, detaching the outdated shingles to inspect the wood decking beneath, and preparing the decking for a new roof.

Windsor Storm and hail damage repair

Homes in Windsor face snow and hail storms often enough to need regular roofing repairs and restoration. An expert roofing company can help patch up any weather damage immediately, protecting your home from further problems and issues.

Windsor Gutter Repairs

As roofing contractors and exterior home repair experts, we can also take on and deal with your gutters. Most all homeowners neglect the significance of their gutters. However, gutters play an essential part in keeping your home’s foundation is guarded from water damage. We can keep your gutters stay in top shape, whether that involves repairing or replacing them.

Common Types of Materials for Roofing in Windsor

Roofs in and around Northern Colorado face some harsh weather patterns. As a result, roofing materials need to be long-lasting and weather-resistant. Some of the most common materials used for roofs within Windsor consist of:

Concrete: Concrete roofs are one of the most economical choices, but not the most aesthetically pleasing. They are flame-tolerant and might hold up between 20-25 years, which is viewed as a moderate lifespan. Although you might consider concrete as the boring gray stuff that fills up your driveway, concrete on your roof can be decorated a variety of colors that you might want and shaped into lots of different tile sizes.

Clay tile: Homeowners pick out clay tiles for their exterior appeal, however, they have useful benefits too. They could last up to 25+ years, resist fire, and hold up well against harsh Windsor storms. Clay tile tends to be more expensive, though, and your home might need bracing for installation because they weigh more than other regularly used roofing materials.

Wood shake: Wood shake tiles add instant charm to any home and consist of a minimal price point. But they’re not as practical, seeing as they are flammable and entail repeated upkeep.

Slate: Being a natural rock, slate is one of the most sturdy substances you could put as your roof. Slate tiles can come in an array of colors and look spectacular with most styles. They are sometimes heavy and could need some bracing to support the extra weight, however. They’re also one of the mostpricey choices for roofing materials.

Asphalt: Asphalt shingles are often the most selected choice amongst homeowners due to the fact that they’re reasonably priced, simple to mount, and come in various appealing colors. Asphalt shingles usually have the smallest lifespan, though, making it 7-15 years before they could need replacing.


HERO exteriors will discuss with you about your Windsor roof repair or replacement. We will provide estimates on all of our home exterior projects, including roofs. If you have roof problems or would just like a review, contact us today.

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