Your roof is an essential component of your home since it protects you from external elements, keeps your family safe, and provides insulation. Our team at HERO exteriors in Northern Colorado takes pride in offering you professional roof replacement or repair services. We have a team of expert roofers who offer exceptional services, but we cannot guarantee the work of other contractors. The most unfortunate thing is when the contractor you have hired to install the roof offers sub-standard services. Here is what to do when the roof has been installed improperly.

Contact the Contractor

The moment you notice an issue with your newly installed roof, contact your contractor. A good contractor will fix the error quickly. There are many times clients call us to repair a leak or a faulty roof. This is because the contractor they hired installed the roof wrongly, causing some weakening to the shingles. Weak shingles may cause water leakage since the roof is vulnerable to stormy weather.

File a Complaint

Get to know your state's complaint filing deadlines. If you were offered poor workmanship and informed the contractor but they didn't take any action, file a complaint. The state takes the initiative to inform the contractor and gives them a chance to correct the error. If they fail to do so, the state mediates the issue on your behalf or takes the case to third-party arbitration.

It is good to avoid some issues by hiring licensed and reputable roofers who have no or few complaints filed. This will help you to get quality roofing services that will not require any repair for decades. Go for a contractor like HERO exteriors who will not take any shortcuts when installing or repairing your roof.

Our team takes pride in solving all your roofing issues and repairing roofs that were installed improperly. If you notice any sign that your roof has not been installed properly, call us, and we will give you an estimate and an inspection. We provide quality warranties for roof installation services and guarantee you a great roof. If you have any queries regarding our services, please get in touch with us today.