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Malarky Roofing Products

From HERO exteriors

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Malarkey Roofing Products® are the results of a commitment to teamwork, creativeness, solution-driven culture, and a dedication to refusing to fear failure. Malarkey roofing products come in a wide range of prices and color options, making them a great choice for homeowners everywhere. With options like the Legacy® and Windsor® shingle lines, you’re sure to able to find superior protection paired with elegant beauty when you choose Malarkey.

Malarky Roofing Products logo

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Featured Shingles


Malarkey Roofing Products for Fort Collins Homes

Northern Colorado homeowners face weather challenges all year round. From beating sun in the summer to snow and ice in the winter to hail in the spring and fall, you need to be able to feel confident that your roof is up to the task of protecting your home. With high-quality roofing products from Malarkey, installed by the experts at HERO exteriors in Fort Collins, you can be sure of your roof once again.


When it comes to getting the “total package” of new roofs, Malarkey Highlander® shingles might be about as close as you can get. With StreakResist™ technology and an enhanced granule adhesion formula for long-lasting color, these shingles provide the kind of durable yet beautiful roof that you can enjoy driving up to and feel safe resting under.


The Vista® shingle line is highlighted by its use of Malarkey’s proprietary Nexgen™ polymer for advanced granule adhesion and lasting colors. Where other roofing systems and shingles fade and wither in the sun and other elements, Vista® shingles remain vibrant, bold, and stunning year after year. With a Class 3 impact resistance, these can still do a good job of protecting your home from hail and debris.


If you want a luxury-class asphalt shingle that will be breathtaking on just about any home, then you should consider the Windsor® shingle line from Malarkey. This designer line offers a majestic look that invokes a kind of hand-crafted feeling. With Class 4 impact resistance, a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and Scotchgard™ color protection technology to prevent tarnish, this is the roof your home deserves.


The Legacy® series of shingles is one of the elite-level architectural shingles offered by the roofing material manufacturers at Malarkey. With superior protection against, wind, rain, hail, and sun, this Class 4 impact resistant shingle is moisture resistant and a perfect choice for the kinds of weather conditions we typically face in Northern Colorado.

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