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DECRA Metal Roofing Products

From HERO exteriors

DECRA metal roofing on home

When it comes time to replace your Northern Colorado home’s roof, you want to make sure that you choose the right roofing system and the right local roofing installers for the job. HERO exteriors in Fort Collins proudly offers roofing, window, siding, and other exterior services to residents all across Northern Colorado. We can help you find the right roofing products to meet the protection and aesthetic needs of your home with our selection of top national brands, including metal roofing systems from DECRA Metal Roofing. Metal roofs are an investment that can last for upwards of 50 years, and more and more people are choosing companies like DECRA Metal Roofing to supply the materials for their new roofs.

Call HERO exteriors at 970-393-3595 today for a consultation on which DECRA Metal Roofing products would work best for your roof and schedule your free estimate.

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Featured DECRA Metal Roofing Products

DECRA Metal Roofing

DECRA Metal Roofing products are made right here in the United States and offer top-quality durability and weather ratings, including being wind certified to 120mph, boasting a class-4 impact resistance, a class-A fire rating, and a best-in-industry material warranty — everything you need to feel confident that your new metal roof from DECRA is worth every penny. As the original stone-coated metal roof, DECRA offers unparalleled durability, sophistication, and beauty.

DECRA Metal Roofing Products for Fort Collins Families

For many years, metal roofing was used primarily for commercial businesses and agricultural structures. However, the long-lasting lifespan and toughness of these roofs meant it was only a matter of time until design applications were created to help metal roofing move to the residential sector. DECRA Metal Roofing has been a pioneer in residential metal roofing for years and offers the original stone-coated metal roofing system for single and multi-family homes. For a roof that will last while also remaining almost totally maintenance-free, choose a metal roof from DECRA Metal Roofing.

Our DECRA Metal Roofing Materials


Enlightened Mediterranean-style beauty and aesthetics are the hallmarks of DECRA’s traditional tile roofing system. These stone-coated steel tiles come in 8 vivid colors and offer all of the warm charms of the Italian coast without the fragility of clay tiles.

DECRA Villa Tile

Enjoy the classic grandeur of old-world Italy with stone-coated DECRA Villa Tile — a detailed and vibrantly textured classic-looking metal roof tile that comes in 6 vibrant colors. This beautiful metal roofing system will last for decades to come.

DECRA Shingle XD

If you love the classic overlapped look of traditional shingles, then DECRA has a solution for you. Our DECRA Shingle XD looks like a premium, thick, and richly textured shingle, but also offers all of the superior strength and lasting color you’ve come to expect from the DECRA brand.


There are few things that can create the whimsy of natural Cedar shake shingles on a stone farmhouse, but DECRA Shake tiles offer the same aesthetic appeal without the common problems wood shingles face such as loosening, curling, cracking, and rotting, meaning your DECRA Shake roof will look amazing for years.


DECRA Shake XD takes the visual appeal and physical durability of the DECRA Shake roofing system one step further. With even more richly detailed texturing and a true hand-crafted look, these stone-coated steel tiles are sure to make any home look amazing.

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