When it comes to getting the “total package” of new roofs, Malarkey Highlander® shingles might be about as close as you can get. With StreakResist™ technology and an enhanced granule adhesion formula for long-lasting color, these shingles provide the kind of durable yet beautiful roof that you can enjoy driving up to and feel safe resting under.


The Vista® shingle line is highlighted by its use of Malarkey’s proprietary Nexgen™ polymer for advanced granule adhesion and lasting colors. Where other roofing systems and shingles fade and wither in the sun and other elements, Vista® shingles remain vibrant, bold, and stunning year after year. With a Class 3 impact resistance, these can still do a good job of protecting your home from hail and debris.


If you want a luxury-class asphalt shingle that will be breathtaking on just about any home, then you should consider the Windsor® shingle line from Malarkey. This designer line offers a majestic look that invokes a kind of hand-crafted feeling. With Class 4 impact resistance, a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and Scotchgard™ color protection technology to prevent tarnish, this is the roof your home deserves.


The Legacy® series of shingles is one of the elite-level architectural shingles offered by the roofing material manufacturers at Malarkey. With superior protection against, wind, rain, hail, and sun, this Class 4 impact resistant shingle is moisture resistant and a perfect choice for the kinds of weather conditions we typically face in Northern Colorado.