Timberline HD®

The Timberline HD® roofing system from GAF has been a top-selling product for years. With the ability to withstand winds of up to 130 mph, algae build-up prevention technology, and a sleek yet rustic wood-shake look, it’s a beautiful and resilient addition to any home.


These designer shingles bring a classic slate-style look to your home while also offering incredible economic value. With a hand-crafted, classic kind of look and feel, Camelot® from GAF provides lasting protection, cost-efficiency, and stunning appeal.

Grand Canyon®

With a name like Grand Canyon®, one might expect these luxury asphalt roofing shingles to be mildly majestic, and they won’t disappoint. With a textured styling and color palette that emphasizes natural earth tones, Grand Canyon® shingles from GAF bring a sense of natural beauty to your home while offering performance, depth, and durability.

Grand Sequoia®

Grand Sequoia® roofing shingles by GAF sport a hand-crafted look that gives your home charming and rustic aesthetic. For anyone who loves the beautiful colors of nature, this roofing system — complete with DuraGrip™ wind protection and StainGuard™ algae protection technology — is sure to not only please, but protect.


Sienna® roofing shingles by GAF are some of the most unique and stunningly beautiful shingles on the residential market. With a stonework style aesthetic that hints of old-world craftsmanship and simpler times, these asphalt shingles offer the signature durability qualities you’ve come to trust from GAF, but remain at a comfortably approachable price.


Just like it sounds, the ArmorShield™ series of shingles provide elite-level protection for your home. UL 2218 Class 4 impact resistance makes these some of the toughest shingles around and a perfect choice for residents of Northern Colorado who face hail, snow, and wind throughout the year. All ArmorShield™ shingles come standard with StainGuard™ protection.


Glenwood® from GAF is an extra thick, extra durable roofing system that when installed on your home, offers uncompromising protection and durability. As a UL 2218 Class 4 impact resistant shingle, the Glenwood™ can manage just about everything that Colorado can throw at it. With an attractive shake-wood design, these shingles manage to be both beautiful and tough at the same time.