At the end of a hailstorm or a stormy season, homeowners are urged to consider the effects of the adverse weather on the structural aspects of their house and particularly the roof. The roof as the protective layer of the house takes most of the brunt of a storm. In areas where the weather is prone to hail storms such as Fort Collins, the house owner should schedule an inspection with a Fort Collins roofing contractor to assess the hail damage and the necessity of other roof repairs. It is important to entrust the task to a professional as the damage may not be external and may sometimes appear minimal while damaging the structural integrity of the building. Here are other do and don'ts about dealing with hail damage on your house.

Do: Regular Inspections

Apart from hailstones and other adverse weather events, the roof of a house should be inspected regularly. This is even more important for older houses whose roofs are close to their expected service life. The frequency of inspections should increase from every several years to at least annually as the age of the building increases. Homeowners living in places with adverse weather including hailstorms and regular storms should inspect their roofs after every storm season. Even where there is no hail, the storm residue including leaves, sap, twigs, branches and other dirt that may have been blown to the roof is damaging to the structural integrity of the roof.

Don’t: Do a DIY Inspection

While it is simple and often cheaper to take up the ladder and inspect for hail damage after a stormy season, this is discouraged as it can be a dangerous task. An amateur can also easily misread the situation, leading to more damage which will cost more to fix. The task should be left to a professional as they can better assess the shingles to identify any split, sagging, and otherwise damaged shingles. These damaged shingles can easily be blown away in the next storm leading to water damage in the house. The task of inspecting itself can also be dangerous especially where there is apparent roof damage. Loose or damaged shingles can lead to slipping and falling which can cause severe or even fatal injuries. A professional will also give a thorough inspection and identify damages even when they might not be apparent. 

Do: Find the Perfect Roof Contractor

At the end of a stormy season, it is advisable to engage a roofing contractor for an inspection and possible repairs. While finding the perfect contractor, it is best to avoid engaging a general contractor and instead select a specialist roof contractor. This will ensure that they perform a thorough inspection and look out for any future areas of weakness. It is also important to engage a local contractor that has experience in dealing with hail damage. This will increase their ability to spot damage and correct it to avoid further damage. For reliable roof inspection and repair services, contact us at for a free inspection.

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