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Around Northern Colorado, a huge hailstorm can strike fast and hard, causing your home with damage that might need to be repaired quickly. This is usually in the appearance of dings and dents to the gutters, roof, and damage to the siding.

Here at HERO exteriors, we offer all-inclusive hail damage repair, and we are a fair and reliable business that can handle every part of your exterior home repair, from the shingles to the painting and siding. One call and our friendly team specialists will get you started on the path to your home repair.
To start the procedure right away, please give us a phone call right now! We will send some of our skilled contractors out to measure the damage, then cooperate with you to ensure your insurance company gets all of the proper materials they might request to get going on your repairs.


Hail damage can come in a variety of ways. When a violent storm comes, hail is usually accompanied by pouring rains and forceful winds which can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior. Northern Colorado has a reputation for severe and irregular weather, and hail can be both destructive and erratic.

Concerning safeguarding your home and your roof, having loose shingles that are damaged or missing can be a big issue as it may allow water and moisture inside your home and bring about tremendously costly repairs. This is why it’s significant to hastily make repairs after a hailstorm. When water is allowed to trickle inside the home, it causes extremely pricey water restoration repairs to both the interior and exterior of your house.

This also pertains to the siding and gutters of your property. Damage to the gutters or inefficient water drainage could permit water to get inside the home and cause growth of mold, leaking, and water damage. When our team performs a hailstorm inspection, we will look for damage to the gutters or siding in addition to the roof and shingles.

HERO exteriors is here to offer you a stress-free experience. Contact us right away to get your house back to tip-top shape!

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HERO exteriors will meet you at your property with haste when it is damaged by hail, to ensure you don’t incur even more damage from future storms. When HERO exteriors experts get to your house, we will quickly assess any damage and pin point the areas that necessitate repair to get the process with your coverage company happening right away.

The HERO exteriors team will talk to you about what choices you have before you and we can help you figure out how to approach insurance coverage based on the damages to your house. All of our team members are trained on what to examine during a hail or storm damage inspection, and how to get the most out of your hail damage repairs.


After we assess the damage and insurance is squared away, HERO exteriors experts can get to repairing. HERO exteriors offers the full suite of home exterior services. After a hailstorm, this includes repairing or replacing the gutters and roof to ensure that water runoff is properly occurring in all regards.

Once that is complete, our experts will begin working on the cosmetics of your home, with the siding and paneling. As well as siding replacement and repair, we provide power washing and house painting so your home will look new once we are finished.

No matter what damages you have to your home after a hailstorm, the expert team at HERO exteriors can help! We are your go-to choice for hail damage repair around Northern Colorado.


At HERO exteriors, we are passionate about providing and supplying home restoration and repair after a hailstorm. The whole process is especially satisfying for us, because we are able to show homeowners that repairing your house after a hailstorm can be easier than you might think.

There are a lot of storm-chasers and fly-by-night hail repair businesses that want take your money without quality work. Here at HERO exteriors, this is why we have put a great deal of time and effort developing into a dependable, LOCAL hail damage repair company. We are in the business of hail damage repair to develop a long-term connection with you and your home. We love being able to call Northern Colorado home just as much as you do, so we care about your home as though it was our own.

Get ahold of HERO exteriors as soon as possible to get the process going for your hail or other storm damage repair in Bellvue today!


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